Vancouver Film Critics Circle

The Vancouver Film Critics Circle (VFCC) is a prestigious organization comprised of esteemed film critics in the vibrant city of Vancouver, Canada. With a mission to recognize outstanding achievements in the world of cinema, the VFCC plays a significant role in shaping film culture and providing valuable insights for movie enthusiasts. Known for its diverse and discerning taste in films, the VFCC showcases the best of both mainstream and independent cinema. Its members tirelessly review and analyze a wide range of movies, giving voice to their informed opinions and helping audiences make informed choices about what to watch. The VFCC Awards, presented annually, are highly anticipated events that honor the best performances, screenplays, directors, and films. The recognition and accolades bestowed by the VFCC further amplify the impact and reach of the deserving films, and often serve as a launchpad for critical acclaim and commercial success. Whether you're a cinephile curious about the latest releases or a filmmaker seeking validation from a discerning jury, the Vancouver Film Critics Circle provides a vital platform for the celebration and appreciation of exceptional filmmaking.