Titanic wins the most Academy Awards

The Titanic is one of the most famous movies of all time, and it also won the most Academy Awards in its year of release. It became the first film to win as many as 11 Oscars. This record was not broken until 2003 when The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King managed to take home the same number of statuettes. The movie’s success at the Academy Awards began with its nomination: The film won a record-breaking 14 nominations in contrast to its nearest competitor, which only got nine nominations. After that, things just got better for Titanic: It went on to win Best Picture and 10 other awards. No other movie has managed this feat since then. Voting for the Academy Awards takes place before a televised ceremony, meaning that there’s no clear incentive for voters to favor a particular film over another during their voting process. And yet, somehow, voters picked Titanic over competing films like Apollo 13 and Mrs. Doubtfire as well as fellow nominees Unbreakable and As Good As It Gets. This list looks at some of the reasons why perhaps they shouldn’t have.

Titanic All Oscars

The most baffling decision: Best Original Music Score

This category gave us a strong contender for the biggest mistake of the night. Titanic won the award for the best original music score, but the voting in this category was so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t a mistake. And yet, there’s no denying that Titanic won: It got the most votes in this category, beating out its nearest competitor (As Good As It Gets) by two votes. So the question remains, who were these voters?

The worst winner of the night: Best Art Direction

Art Direction is one of the most important parts of any movie, and the team behind Titanic had a lot to do especially if voters were to pick them ahead of other nominees. The team behind The Full Monty, Howards End, and The English Patient all had to create entirely new worlds for their movies. But somehow, voters managed to overlook the excellent work of these and other films in favor of Titanic. The film is so well-known for its visuals that it’s hard to understand how voters didn’t see through it.

A pointless award: Best Sound Mixing

Sound Mixing is a crucial part of any film, and it’s something that many voters would have wanted to pay close attention to when placing their votes. So what do you think they did when they awarded Titanic the award for Best Sound Mixing? Some voters may have simply overlooked this section of the ballot, or they may have been voting for the film with the most questionable visuals. But regardless of why they made this decision, it was the wrong one.

Another bad choice: Best Cinematography

Cinematography is one of the most important parts of the creation of a film, but voters didn’t seem to agree when it came to Titanic. The film’s cinematographers, Andrew Armstrong and David Lynch were nominated for their work on the film, but they weren’t able to overcome the competition. If voters were looking at the overall quality of the cinematography in the film, they would have seen that it was subpar at best. But if they were looking at the names attached to the work, they may have been swayed to vote for Titanic.

Only one good choice in the bunch and it didn’t win: Best Editing

The Titanic’s editing team was a strong contender for the award, especially considering that they were up against the team behind the blockbuster film The Full Monty. But they didn’t end up winning the award, and it’s hard to understand why. The Full Monty’s editors did a great job on the film, but Titanic’s editing team created a masterpiece. The way that the team was able to create a film that was longer than three hours but never boring or too drawn out was a remarkable feat.


The Titanic is a movie that has been loved by many people for many years now. But it’s important to remember that it is also a movie that was loved by voters during the Academy Awards. And yet, despite this, the film still managed to lose out on a few categories. It’s also worth noting that the film’s record-breaking success at the Academy Awards was due largely to the number of categories in which it was nominated. The Titanic was only able to win so many awards because it was up against the weaker competition. In other words, the number of awards it won doesn’t necessarily indicate the film’s overall quality. Hopefully, this list has helped you gain a new perspective on the film and the awards it won. You may have even discovered a new appreciation for one of the film’s competitors for an award.

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