Sean Connery was Much More than 007

Sean Connery is the most famous actor to ever play the role of James Bond. As such, he is also one of the best-known actors to ever star in a movie. It could be said that he is almost as well-known for his movies as he is for his role as Bond. However, Sean Connery did not become a big movie star overnight. Like any great acting career, it took years of work and dedication to get there. Here are some facts about Sean Connery’s rise to fame – and occasional fall from grace – as an actor.

He was rejected by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) three times.

As a young man, Sean Connery desperately wanted to become an actor. He applied and was rejected by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) three times. In those days, RADA did not allow students from outside of England to attend, so Connery was out of luck. However, he was not about to give up on his dream. Connery headed to London anyway and found a place at the Maurice Burlesque Academy, a notorious small acting school. From there, he worked his way into small acting parts, eventually landing a bit part as a pirate in “His Majesty O’Toole”, a 1953 movie. Connery played a bit part in a few more movies before heading to the United States and getting a bit part in the 1957 movie “A Wonderful Country”.

He served in the Royal Navy before becoming an actor.

Sean Connery might have become one of the greatest actors of all time, but he might not have become famous at all if he hadn’t first become a member of the Royal Navy. Connery joined the Navy at the age of 16, serving on an antisubmarine ship for two years before returning to Glasgow and getting a job as a milkman. He then applied for and was accepted into, an officer training program. Connery served on various ships before the Navy decided that he would make a great instructor. He was transferred to the Royal Navy College at Greenwich where he became an instructor in underwater demolition. His service earned him a British Commonwealth Medal. Connery was eventually discharged from the Navy at the age of 25, around the same time that he was beginning to become an actor. He has said that being in the Navy was a great way to get out of his small Scottish town and see a bit more of the world.

His first major role was as a Dominican bantamweight boxer in the movie “Marathon Man”.

After a few small roles in movies, Sean Connery began to get slightly bigger roles in the late 1950s, including the lead role in a low-budget film called “Out of the Blue”. However, he was mostly known as a supporting actor. Connery’s first breakthrough role was in the classic thriller “Marathon Man”, which came out in 1976. He played the part of a Dominican bantamweight boxer who is interrogated by Dustin Hoffman’s character. Connery’s role in the movie is relatively small, but he does a great job with it. Connery’s role in “Marathon Man” brought him to the attention of the public for the first time. The critical reaction to the movie was excellent, and Connery’s performance was widely praised. His name was on everyone’s lips and he soon began to get more and bigger movie roles.

He then played the title role in “Mr. Majestyk”, which became a cult classic.

After “Marathon Man” came out, Connery’s career went into hyperdrive. He was offered, and took, any role that was offered to him. Even though his method of working was to learn the lines and then forget them, he was still able to work quickly and productively. Connery’s next major film was “Mr. Majestyk”, in which he played the title role. The film was a flop when it came out, but Connery’s performance has since become a cult classic, with fans regularly re-watching the movie. It is now considered to be one of his best roles. Connery followed up “Mr. Majestyk” with the role of a journalist in the 1979 movie “The Wild Piper”. He next played the part of a Russian assassin in the 1981 movie “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins”. Next, he played the part of a man in mourning who must fight to protect his family in the 1983 movie “The Name of the Game Is Kill”.

He was then cast as a modern Japanese detective in the movie “The Rising”.

After “The Name of the Rose” came out, Sean Connery took a long break from acting. He said that he wanted to spend more time with his family and enjoy his retirement. However, he did come out of retirement to appear in a few movies, including “The Rising”. Connery played a modern Japanese detective, along with Nicolas Cage, in the movie, which is about the hunt for a mass murderer in New York after 9/11. “The Rising” was not a major success, but it was a big change of pace for Connery. The movie also gave rise to an internet meme in which people caption pictures of Connery with the phrase "My name's Sean, and I'm here to inspect your roof."