Katherine Hepburn is a legendary Movie Star

It is a well-known fact that Katherine Hepburn was one of the most iconic actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age. But beyond just being a talented and memorable actress, she was also a legendary movie star in her own right. In an industry where supermodels with pouty lips and big eyes are often idolized as the pinnacle of beauty and desirability, it’s refreshing to look back on actresses like Hepburn who broke all kinds of conventions about what an attractive woman should look like. With her gamine features, quirky fashion sense, and no-nonsense attitude, Hepburn wasn’t just another pretty face in old Hollywood. Instead, she stands out as one of its most distinctive stars. Here is our complete article about the legendary movie star Katherine Hepburn.

Who Was Katherine Hepburn?

Katherine Hepburn was an American actress known for her fierce independence, ursine masculinity, and humanitarianism. She achieved international recognition during the 1930s and 1940s for both her acting and philanthropic work and served as a symbol of the New Hollywood and the New Woman, as well as an icon in the feminist movement. Her career spanned nine decades, and although she was best known for her performances in the Broadway theatre and her multiple Academy Award-winning and -nominated films, she also produced and published several books and wrote and edited many magazine articles. Although she was a leading lady for only two decades, Hepburn remained top-billed in Hollywood films from 1932 to 1973. Her breakthrough came in the 1931 Broadway play The Warrior Etha, for which she received the first of four Academy Award nominations. In 1937, she won her first Academy Award for her critically acclaimed performance in the screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby, and received a record-breaking eight Academy Awards for Best Actress nominations, winning one for her performance in the 1974 film The Lion in Winter.

Why is Katherine Hepburn Considered a Legendary Movie Star?

Katherine Hepburn was a unique and one-of-a-kind person in every possible way - both on and off camera. As an actress, she was known for her range and versatility and the fact that she was able to play a wide variety of roles with equal skill and ease. But she was much more than just an able actress and a good performer. When you look at her photos today, and even her clips from her movies, you can immediately see that there was something about her that was special. She had a strange but charming aura about her that set her apart from other actors and actresses. She had a quality that was both magnetic and elusive. Hepburn had an innate sense of style and a personality that was at once funny and serious, and always strange. She was a woman who didn’t fit into any kind of mold or category, and for that reason alone she stood out as a true Hollywood icon.

Things You Didn’t Know About Katherine Hepburn

There are so many things you probably don’t know about the iconic Katherine Hepburn, but here are five that are pretty shocking: While it’s well-known that Katherine Hepburn was a feminist icon, she didn’t consider herself a feminist. She despised the movement, and abhorred the idea of women trying to be “more like men.” As an early member of Planned Parenthood, she was in favor of women having control over their reproductive rights, but she hated the label “feminist” itself. It’s believed that Hepburn had her first child when she was just 17 years old. She was married to playwright Zachary Smith from 1928 to 1932 when she left him for great friend Spencer Tracy. Hepburn’s parents were longtime advocates of eugenics, a theory that aimed to “improve the human race” by controlling who was allowed to reproduce.

She Was Constantly Discriminated Against Because of Her Gender

Actresses at the time were often paid less than their male counterparts and were also given fewer opportunities to shine on screen. Many major studios didn’t even sign female actors at all, and those that did prefer to cast them in supporting roles or in smaller, less significant parts. But the few women who managed to break into the industry and become lead stars faced even more discrimination. They faced sexual discrimination and harassment regularly and were expected to put up with and ignore any unwanted attention they received from their directors, producers, and co-stars. Many actresses were expected to sleep with producers and directors to get the lead roles they wanted, and even those who refused and remained chaste were often discriminated against and denied the major parts they wanted.


Overall, Katherine Hepburn was a truly legendary figure in Hollywood. She was a trailblazing actress who was never afraid to defy the norms of the industry, and who used her fame and position to fight for change and equality. When you look at her photos, you can see that she was a very special type of woman who didn’t fit the typical Hollywood mold. She was quirky, unique, and totally unlike any other actress who ever graced the silver screen. She was a true original and a woman who deserves to be remembered as one of the greatest Hollywood movie stars of all time.